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Public Relations Professionals: Get Started With Live Streaming November 10, 2014

Public relations professionals should always be looking for innovative and exciting new ways to create chatter about their clients’ products and services, but so many PR pros are still neglecting live streaming. Every client should have a video platform in place that allows them to present streaming media and other kinds of video content to their customers.

When a business turns to a public relations company, they expect complete solutions. And no marketing program is truly complete without video. So PR people, consider this:

1. You need to decide how you can use it. Streaming announcements are great for launching a new product, hosting question-and-answer sessions, streaming a conference, sharing a message with a distant or international audience and more.

2. You can limit the audience. Some CEOs are uncomfortable with the idea of a free video stream out there for all to see. But you can limit the audience for them. You can require password-protected access, charge an admission fee and make sure that streaming events are modestly publicized at least at first.

3. You can do the on camera part. If you’re in PR, you’re probably persuasive, well-spoken and can write a script, so you can offer to put yourself on camera if no one else will do it. The client company may also have plenty of good candidates for the on-camera bits.

4. Get some inexpensive equipment and get started. You can make great video and do events with just a smart phone, and you can do even better if you invest in some additional inexpensive equipment. Then you can handle small-time video production and simple live streaming events for your clients and bill them for it. Another thing to look into is making sure the broadcasting company can handle you needs. Find professional partners like this Save yourself the headache.

5. Get good at it first. Before you begin proposing live events or other kinds of streaming media ideas to your clients, get good at it first by practicing. Consider making some videos to promote your own company first. Then, you’ll have the skills and confidence necessary to convince your clients that broadcasting is the way to go if they want to move into the future.

If you’re a public relations professional and you don’t use video in some way for your clients, you’re living in the past — and you’re risking your future. When your clients realize you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle, they’ll look elsewhere for PR services.

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